RockyFroggy in general

RockyFroggy is a site, which offers something different. At first glance it looks like another website with competitions and prizes, but the way the competitions work is different. The competitions take place in form of games. These games are skill based and require knowledge and good reactions. It is the person with the best time, who takes it all. In some cases there are competitions, which allow up to 20 winners.

It is your time to win

In order to give everyone a fair chance of winning, a certain rule has been made. It is possible to win up to four times in a period of 30 days, and that is why everyone has a chance. There are plenty of competitions each month, and you can play the games as many times, as you want to. The rule of thumb is: “The more you play, the more you win”. The first couple of shots may be a disaster. They are more for the purpose of practice. Some people are able to nail it at first go. For all us other regular human beings there is the possibility to simply try again. Do not be afraid to play. RockyFroggy provides games, which can entertain for many hours. It is fun to play and even better, when you win.

This is how RockyFroggy works

First step is signing up using RockyFroggy’s promotional offer. You get an entirely new iPod Shuffle and three days of trial for only one pound. Afterwards you will pay a monthly fee, which will allow you to continue to participate in the competitions. This monthly fee can be succeeded in winnings many times if you win an iPhone, a Macbook air, etc. If you have the best time on the ladder, RockyFroggy will send you the prize. It is as simple as that, yet this service provides hours of enjoyment.

What are you waiting for?

You have a golden opportunity to win many products. All the hottest products are only a few clicks away. RockyFroggy have a lot of prizes from the well renowned brand Apple. Win a new iPhone, iPad or Macbook air at RockyFroggy. On top of these prizes it is also possible to win perfume from Paco Rabanne and smartphones from Samsung. Do you have to wait for a train, or do you have to sit in line at the post office? Use the time wisely, and win great prizes. The excitement will easily change a boring situation to one of pure thrill.